The Best Places to Find DVDs for a Good Price

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Streaming has been dominating the film and TV industries for many years now, but DVDs, with their great nostalgia and attractive exterior, still exist today and will do for a very long time. However, buying new DVDs each time you wish to watch a film can be an expensive occasion, hence why streaming has become so popular – it’s more cost-effective and convenient. If you’re more of a DVD person but wish to not spend much on them, here are the best places to find DVDs at a good price…

Charity Shops

You would be surprised how enormous the collection of DVDs there are at charity shops. Many of which are in excellent condition and only cost a few pennies. This is probably the cheapest place to find them and sometimes a charity shop may have a good deal of buy one DVD and get one free in order to shift their heavy load of DVDs. The choices are endless at charity shops. Most charity shops have their own designated isle for DVDs with large selves full of them. Whether you’re looking for horror or romance, sci-fi or thriller, charity shops have it all! So, get down to your nearest charity shop, put on your face mask and get browsing the shelves!


eBay is just one of the online second-hand places you can find cheap DVDs. Amazon also has an option to buy used DVDs for a cheaper price too. Just watch out for postage costs written in small writing on websites such as these, they can catch you out and you can end up paying the price of what a normal new DVD would cost – so beware! Facebook Marketplace is also another viable option to find your cheap second-hand DVDs.

Gaming/Tech Shops

Places like CEX and Game give you money for your DVDs and sell them cheaply at their stores and their websites. If you are seeking a new DVD, check these places out. They might contain your dream film or TV series. CEX and Game always make sure their stock is high quality, so you pose no risk of getting a faulty DVD that is scratched and unable to watch. Head down to your nearest store and have a look at the DVDs to purchase. If you’re a gamer, have a look at any games you would like. CEX and Game also sell other tech products too.

Once you have managed to secure some of your favourite DVD's, your next task is deciding how to order them. Take a look at our blog for some advice on how to arrange your dvd collection.


Last Updated: September 2021

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