Three Benefits of Converting VHS Tapes to Digital Formats

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It's time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new and improved. VHS tapes are very quickly becoming obsolete. Preserve your memories for much longer by converting your old and precious tapes and memories into a more recent and updated format.

When first released, videotapes were revolutionary. Allowing you to immortalise precious moments in film forever and be able to watch them back was a dream come true for many, but it quickly became obsolete and pushed out by newer technology. Fortunately, your old VHS tapes aren't lost! They can be saved and preserved for many years to come. 

Continue reading to learn about some of the other benefits that come with updating your VHS tapes into a more recent variation. 

They become easier to view

VHS players are getting harder and harder to come by, even more, difficult still to repair if yours has broken. If that's not reason enough on it's own, I don't know what it is. 

Say goodbye to being courteous and rewinding the tape for the next person. Next-gen formats are much easier to view and can now be watched on many different screens using many different methods. Whether stored digitally or on DVD, they will now also take up a lot more physical room and are less likely to be damaged if incorrectly stored. 

Edit, correct and touch-up

Tape form old and difficult to work with for even the most well-trained professionals. Digital formats, on the other hand, are very accessible and easy to work with. You can edit, colour correct, cut parts out and edit your content to your heart's content with the new digital format. 

Share as much as you can

In digital format, your precious memories can be downloaded and sent with much more ease, allowing you and the whole family to remember those good times. Send clips, complete files or your favourite snippets 1000's of miles away instantly. You can also share these on social media so all your friends can remember these special times.

Choose the right conversion method for you

When converting your old tapes, its essential that you do it properly yourself or have them professionally converted by someone who knows exactly what they're doing. 

Converting your old tapes can be costly to buy all the equipment and even more so if done incorrectly and the tape is damaged and footage lost.  

If you find yourself with some old VHS tapes that you would like to be converted into a more up-to-date format, contact us today. We will be happy to help you! 

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