When you need high-quality file conversions from video format to DVD or digital files, our team understands each step of your conversion so you're happy with the final results. With decades of experience and modern archival technology, we can meet all of your file conversion needs, including transferring content from VHS tapes, DVDs, and other formats to digital downloads. Your Video 2 DVD will transfer your old videotapes and cassettes onto DVD, giving you a high quality copy of your precious memories. View our products and services below.


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Why digitise your vhs tapes?


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Some of our most asked questions

How is my tape transferred?

We use the best equipment to ensure your conversion is of the highest quality. When your video is transferred, it goes through a JVC Tape Deck and a Signal Processor before going onto a hard drive with a DVD or MP4 format. We then burn the footage onto disc with customized inkjet labels, achieving a very professional, high-quality finish.

What quality can I expect from the return of my DVD?

We only use the highest quality 'A' grade DVD-R media for all conversions. DVD-R is the standard format for most DVD players. However, some older DVD players and recorders are not DVD-R compatible. Please consult your user manual for further information.

We'll always do our best to produce the most accurate and highest quality conversion. The conversion will depend on what you submitted. Your digital copy may be slightly better than your original media.

In what ratio do you supply the DVD?

The standard for DVDs is 16:9 widescreen, but we also offer 4:3 ratio DVDs for older televisions. Please note in the order notes if you would like a 4:3 ratio DVD when ordering.

Will my tapes be well looked after?

We know you will be grateful for our careful treatment of your tapes. Each cassette is a one-of-a-kind memory that deserves the utmost care and respect. Our 48-hour delivery service is insured to give you peace of mind. As a family business, we are proud of our history and we appreciate your consideration.

Will you return my original tape?

Yes, along with your DVD / USB conversion, you will receive your original tapes as well, unless you tell us you do not require them to be returned.

Can I order additional copies of my tape?

Yes. Just select the number of additional DVDs you want when ordering your conversion product with us. Each extra DVD is £3.99.

Can you transfer tapes into another format?

Yes, we can also convert to the formats: MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MPEG-2, DIVX and MOV. In fact, one of the most popular things we do is convert cam corder tapes to digital and camcorder tapes to DVD.

We can also convert other types of film in to DVD or digital format such as Hi8, Mini Dv, VHS & VHS-c and Video 8.

If you have a format preference that is not MP4 (the default), please include it when you purchase to ensure that we are able to send you the file that you need.

Do you have customer reviews that I can see? 

We're happy to say that we use Google and Yell. Our customers have given us great reviews, so please take a look at what they're saying about us!