Why DVD’s Are So Much Better Than VHS

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DVD’s were released in 1996 and quickly dominated the film and TV market for the way people consume media. With the creation of the DVD came numerous advantages such as size, convenience and more features to use. Here are the reasons why DVD’s are so much better than VHS’s…

DVD’s are smaller

DVDs do not have any moving parts like a VHS tape does. DVD’s are therefore much more reliable as you never need to spend time untangling reels of videotape which can easily get tarnished and damaged. Being small, light and slim, DVD’s can be filed away in a case, stored and taken away when travelling. They are light-weight and easy to transport, and you don’t have to worry about them getting chipped like a VHS, although make sure they are protected so that they don’t get scratched! Furthermore, being so slim allows you to buy more and have more storage space for your DVD collection to thrive in. VHS’s are quite a lot thicker, limiting the amount of space you have to play with when organising and rearranging your collection.

DVD’s are easier to operate 

If you need to pause, rewind or fast-forward, DVD’s are very accommodating. When playing VHS, you can accidentally skip parts as it is not as accurate. Furthermore, the VHS will need to be rewound manually to a specific mark in order to watch. With a DVD, you can use your remote to rewind. DVD’s are way more convenient in this sense, all with the touch of a button! Because of how manual VHS’s are, they are handled a lot, therefore are more susceptible to damage. DVD’s can last for years, unlike their predecessor.

DVD’s can hold features VHS’s can’t

One feature that a DVD can hold is an increased quality of input. The DVD contains storage in a digital format unlike VHS tapes do. VHS tape footage can often be unclear or distorted as the tape can spin too slow or get stuck. Furthermore, the storage space of a DVD allows it to work with more modern devices like some laptops. DVD’s can also hold games and bonus features on them that VHS’ sadly cannot do.

Additionally, you can buy external drives for your DVD. These are cheap and widely available. This is useful if you have a laptop without a disc drive. You can buy a separate drive to plug into your laptop’s USB port.

Updated: September 2022

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