Blu-rays Prove That Streaming Isn’t Everything

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The Blu-ray industry is a small yet highly thriving industry with numerous Blu-ray enthusiasts. The reason as to why this is, is due to the poor video quality of films that are streamed on online platforms. Blu-rays have much stronger quality and therefore make viewing a lot more pleasurable for film buffs.

It is also the fact that the luxurious packaging and paraphernalia that accompanies a Blu-ray disc is second to none. It makes the whole experience more pleasurable unwrapping your Blu-ray and seeing what items the box contains.

Furthermore, many of us love to view our favourite films on shelves. The artsy ones of us want to post pictures on social media of our eclectic taste of movies for the online world to see, dwelling in the satisfaction of the fantastic collection of film titles they have on arranged display.

The predominant driving force behind the wide consumption of Blu-rays returning into more mainstream media is that Netflix and other streamers have large gaps in their libraries, with films added and many removed from the site without prior warning. Some films are so hard to find a digital copy as well as one of high quality. A physical copy of a film is a good backup if films become hard to find online. It’s your own personal film and it is not going anywhere. It is something to really cherish and look after.

Still to this day, Blu-rays have proven that streaming isn’t everything. Many of us would prioritise good quality films and viewing experience over the portability of streaming devices because at the end of the day, the film comes first. Many streaming services depend on a strong WIFI network. You do have the option to download but this uses up unnecessary space on your device. So, if you turn to streaming on WIFI, the experience can be dire; with the film buffering at random and regular intervals, sacrificing your concentration and the viewing experience. You watch films to lose yourself, not lose the plot of the film your viewing! Blu-rays do not have this issue and are as smooth as butter to view.

Films, despite how old or popular they are, are so worth remembering and keeping alive. At a time when more streaming services are coming into the light and attempting to push hard copies away, Blu-rays are here to stay! They will look much more beautiful on your shelf than an invisible digital copy, that’s for sure!


Last Updated: September 2022

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