DVDs vs Streaming: The Old Age or The New Age?

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In recent years, streaming has dominated the way we as a society consume film, TV, Music and other forms of media. From Netflix to Amazon Prime to now YouTube, BritBox and Disney Plus, it appears everyone is streaming, particularly in recent months due to the pandemic. People are needing instant media to keep the family entertained. But what about DVDs and Blu-ray also? Are these better? Did we prefer having hard copies of our consumable media? Will streaming site like Netflix take over DVD's in the same way DVD's stole the spotlight from VHS? This article will weigh up the pros and cons of both DVDs and streaming services and determine which reigns superior over the world of media consumption.

DVDs: The Pros and Cons

Last year, it was reported by CNBC that since 2008, the sales of DVDs have declined by more than 86% and since 2011, Netflix sales have increased by 1,231%. Therefore, it is safe to say that DVDs are dying out.

The pros of DVDs are dependent on person to person, but DVDs have a sentimental element to them. You buy them to keep and last. They aren’t just a film on Netflix that will be removed soon. DVDs form part of your lifestyle, they become furniture in your home. It’s the feeling when someone comes to your home and sees your DVD collection, browses through it and compliments you on your choices. Your library shows a lot about you, whereas Netflix is just full of films and shows you didn’t choose to be on Netflix. It’s no tailored and personal library.

You can also always guarantee that your DVD won’t be deleted from your collection, like other media services, which purge a lot of their shows to replace with new, fresh ones and to save their storage capabilities. It’s your DVD to keep and cherish for as long as you want.

The feeling of inserting a DVD into a DVD player is a nice feeling too. You aren’t just clicking a button, it’s more of an experience of selecting your DVD from your shelf and opening its case and putting it in your DVD player and hitting play! Isn’t it amazing how an entire film can squeeze within a thin piece of round silver plastic? You can marvel for hours at the rainbow reflective coating on the DVD itself. It’s truly beautiful and an eyesore.

However, yes there are many cons to DVDs such as it takes up space in your home if you have hundreds of them, they are expensive in the long term, they are easily susceptible to scratches and damages and can easily be lost – but isn’t that the fun of having a DVD? The nostalgic frustration of getting them lost and mixed up in different boxes. Streaming services are much too easy and convenient, right?

Streaming services: The Pros and Cons

Streaming content has become the new norm now. It is great because of its convenience. You can take your laptop, phone or tablet anywhere and be able to watch all your favourite movies and TV shows on the go! It’s so accessible and you can gain content in a matter of seconds, so no need to wait for your DVD to arrive. There’s such a broad range of things to watch for only a few pounds a month too. It’s also better for the environment and more economical as DVDs and their cases are plastic.

The cons are the fact that we have lost touch with the entire novelty of DVDs. Choosing one you like from a shelf or online, purchasing it; opening its plastic wrapping, taking the DVD out and playing it – what an experience and luxury! Opening new things is always fun, but with streaming, you can’t do this. The whole novelty of “new” films has worn off. Now every film you can think of is at the mercy of your fingertips. We are too spoilt and need to appreciate the finer things in life, the idea of saving up as a kid to buy your favourite DVD. The excitement and anticipation of it all. Now, most children are linked to their families’ Netflix or Amazon Prime account so can just hit the play button… Oh, how I miss the good old’ days!

Ultimately, the choice between which is better is up to you. One is an experience and nostalgia, and the other is convenience and accessibility. However, we mustn’t allow DVDs to die-out entirely. They are too precious and sacred and bring back a flood of happy memories.

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