What if DVDs Never Existed?

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DVDs, the throw-back vibe to some of our favourite memories, and diversions from our past. Who doesn't love the aesthetic and pure nature of DVDs? How can you forget the incredible playback ability and collection during the early days of the field? Not to mention the endless amount of trips to local stores like Blockbuster to rent the latest best film.

As you're well aware of, the history of DVDs is long and innovative. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are in the instant streaming capabilities of everything in the media landscape. Although the historical point of DVDs tends to be the main thought of this article, DVDs still exist today. In fact, they have a decent-sized fandom attached to them in the matter. 

With the subject of the history behind DVDs in mind, let's discuss a hypothetical on the matter. That theoretical questioning being if DVDs never existed, how would life as we know it to be different? Although it's practically impossible to discuss the exact matters on the situation, it's an interesting matter in and of itself. Nonetheless, let's guess entirely on how the landscape of today would be different without DVDs!

Streaming Wouldn't Exist

Although certain aspects of streaming always existed, such as pay-per-view, the actuality of the previous matter was vastly different than today. With this in mind, it's not too far of a stretch to say current streaming platforms wouldn't be where they are today without DVDs. DVDs led to the forefront of watching movies and televisions at home. That innovation caused an effect on streaming.

Don't get me wrong; streaming certainly would've come along at some point, but not as early as it did. Without DVDs, we wouldn't have the entertainment capabilities as we do now. Although correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation, it makes sense to infer this. Without even going into detail, the two subjects are remarkably similar, just one features a DVD, and the other doesn't.

No Blockbuster

Blockbuster dedicated itself to providing customers with various DVDs to rent; without DVDs, it wouldn't exist. The vast majority born before Blockbuster's demise know of the incredible nature of the place. Although very short-lived, it's arguably one of the best places to encompass the film and television show DVD niche. It's certainly possible it could've existed with video games only, but most likely not.

No Additional Special Features 

One thing people might not be aware of when discussing DVDs has to be the special feature innovation related to the subject. For those of you that don't know, special features of movies and television shows were added to their DVD counterparts. Basically, once a movie or television show went to DVD, the producers behind it would add extra scenes or behind the scene interviews. 

They did this as a way to attract more consumers to buy the DVD itself. Thus, that's part of the reason we see so many behind the scene and additional content with everything from the entertainment world. No matter how you paint, it's difficult to deny the influence DVDs had on the world.

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