Why DVDs Will Always Exist

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Although the current landscape surrounding DVDs is certainly not what it once was, the reality is a different tale. Yes, the rise of streaming technology will unquestionably extirpate a lot of the standard format regarding DVDs, but they won't totally eradicate. Similar to older pieces of technology like cassette tapes or vinyl records, DVDs hold a similar resemblance. They're a piece of our previous love for earlier fashioned stylings of media. It's true; the future is moving in a different direction. Still, there will always be a variety of DVDs for us DVD fanatics to enjoy. Plus, there are a few reasons why DVDs will continue to exist. With this in mind, let's discuss a few ideas on why DVDs will always exist.


Outside of the sole purpose of a DVD, they'll most like continue to exist for the pure aesthetic connotation they bring. As you're well aware of, there's something vintage and appreciative of DVDs. The cover, slick disc, artwork, and noise once it's begun playing is like no other. The advantages tied to modern technology are unquestionable, but the aesthetic of DVDs is practically impossible to replicate.

As humans, we all have a fascination with previous works of media and the modern swing moving forward. Basically, DVDs aren't what they once were, but they still hold a certain amount of appreciation today. No matter the circumstance, the community surrounding DVDs doesn't appear to be fading. It'll be an exciting future regarding the popularity of DVDs. However, for now, people still enjoy the aesthetic representation of one.

DVD Collection

Other than the pure aesthetic understanding of a DVD, nowadays, most people own DVDs for the sole purpose of growing their DVD collection. Whether you're a collector or not, starting a DVD collection is one of the most entertaining hobbies a person can have. It's affordable, creates an overall pride in ownership, and is best suited for film/television buffs.

No matter how you paint it, owning a DVD collection is fantastic. If you haven't started one yet, now is the chance to do so. A good rule of thumb is to start with your favourite films and work your way around there. Consider your favourite directors, genres, and countless other styles to go about your collection. Most importantly, realize the collection is yours, do what you want with it. Nonetheless, DVD collections are a significant reason why the format won't totally fade.

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Physical Copy

Lastly, people love DVDs for the sole purpose of being a physical product. Although streaming platforms certainly have their advantages, one can't argue against the benefits related to physical products. No matter what circumstance may arise, it's always safer to own a physical copy of something than a digital one. 

Security purposes alone make it safer for DVDs in comparison to physical entities. However, outside of the genuine safety concerns, most people like seeing what they own, especially regarding DVDs. It's a form of media, and it's more exciting to see the physical property than it is not to. At least, that's one of the main standpoints regarding DVDs and their physicality compared to anything streamable.

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