How to Turn Your MP4 Video to a DVD

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Although streaming may be one of the easiest and most popular forms to watch any form of video nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to have a physical copy of a special video just in case. For example, you can make a backup copy of your favourite movie, a backup copy of your kid’s childhood videos, a backup copy of your wedding, and so on.

No matter what you want to turn into a DVD, you can certainly turn just about any video format into a DVD. Let’s take a look at how you can go about a process like this.

What You’ll Need To Turn Your Videos Into a DVD

As you’d expect, you’ll need a few things in order to do this:

  • DVD Burner Drive

A lot of computers have the ability to burn DVDs, but if your computer doesn’t, you’ll need a DVD burner drive. You can find one online on Amazon that costs next to nothing. Just make sure it comes with the proper cable to hook up to your computer with.

  • A blank DVD

This seems like a no brainer, but you’ll obviously need a blank DVD for your video to go onto. Depending on how large your video is, you’ll either want a single-layer or dual-layer disc. Single-layer discs can have up to 4.7 GB on it while dual-layer discs can have up to 8.5 GB. However, make your DVD burner drive supports either option when you’re deciding on a blank DVD to buy.

Also, make sure your DVD burner drive supports both DVD+R and DVD-R. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to buy the appropriate DVD type for your burner drive.

  • A Video to Burn

Whether you want to burn a personal video such as your wedding, another memory, or you want to burn one of your favourite films you own, the total size of the video can’t be larger than 4.7 GB for single-layer discs and 8.5 GB for dual-layer discs. If you go over, then you won’t be able to burn the entire video.

  • DVD Flick and ImgBurn (Windows) or Burn (macOS)

Depending on what operating system you have, you’ll need to download a couple of programs to burn your video to a DVD.

For Windows, DVD flick converts your video to the proper format type for the DVD while ImgBurn passes the converted filed and actually burns it to the disc.

For macOS, Burn does the exact same thing DVD Flick and ImgBurn. Either way, you’ll be able to burn your video to a DVD and be on your way to having your very own DVD.

Having a DVD of your own is a unique and fun experience today. You can make a DVD of anything you want whether it be a memory, a film you enjoy, or even a film you created. Basically, a DVD is a great physical copy to have.

Think of a DVD like a vinyl record. They’re a fun part of our past that’ll eventually make their way back into the mainstream.

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