How To Preserve Your Wedding Memories

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Your wedding day is full of making the most cherishable moments in your life; those memories are definitely worth your time preserving. To ensure that after months or even years of marriage, you will remember every meaningful detail, here are four ways to protect your wedding memories. 

Time capsules

Collect a container like a wedding time capsule, and have your guests put in letters, items and keepsakes. It may also be a pleasurable idea to add pictures or predictions of what you and your partner's future will look like! Why not make an extra vow not to open it until a certain wedding anniversary, allowing you to reminisce on all your beautiful wedding memories. 

A fabulous photo album

Having so many perfect pictures of your special day is bound to overwhelm you. An advantageous way to sort your piles of photographs is by creating a photobook. Mixbook allows you to compile everything for your photo book online, in one place and at your own speed. If you would like to find out more on how to create your ultimate keepsake, why not contact their super helpful customer service team!

Don't forget to hire a professional for the best results!

 The dress can be saved!

The bridal gown is so essential to any wedding's look; it is vital not just to throw it in the cupboard after it is all over but to get it cleaned immediately. Therefore, any spillage on the gown will not stain. Furthermore, it would help if you took it to a professional cleaner to avoid decaying and turning yellow. This way, it will be cleaned and kept in an acid-free box for the perfect preservation! 

Freeze the cake

The strong tradition of keeping a wedding cake piece dates back to 19th century England; the top layer is kept to serve at the first babies christening. These days a piece is saved to enjoy on the couples first wedding anniversary.

It is easy to retain its deliciousness, providing it is efficiently wrapped. Firstly, you must remove all decorations and place in the fridge to cool for a few hours; then you can wrap the cake in plastic and place in a freezer box. 

Unfortunately, not everybody will get that ecstatic about eating year old freezer cake so it may also be an option to get a replica! 

These are just a few of the many ways to keep hold of your precious wedding memories, it may seem very time consuming, but it is well worth it in the end! 

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