How To Convert Your Wedding VHS Tapes Over To DVDs

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Over the last couple of decades how we save memories we want to relive for the rest of our lives has radically changed. We have gone form big and bulky camcorders, to tiny handheld ones that had their own tiny VHS tapes, to tiny memory card, to cell phones. While the last few decades have been all digitized you may have a full box or shelves of VHS tapes you now have no way of watching anymore. Since the VCR went the way of the dodo bird, you need to have these VHS tapes saved digitally forever. Luckily, businesses like ours specialize in transferring your priceless memories, like your wedding videos. By digitizing your wedding day, you will be able to continue to watch the best day of your lives whenever you want to, just like when you first got the VHS in the mail. You paid all that money for a videographer, do not let that go to waste even years later!

Typically how long does it take to preserve my wedding day?

We understand just how nerve racking it can be to send away your lone VHS of your wedding day to strangers. That is why we work to get your video saved and sent back to you as quickly as possible. What is lucky for both us and you is that the process of digitizing your memories can be done very quickly and safely. This process is overseen by a specialist who is very familiar with the equipment and keeps your priceless memories in the best of hands throughout the process.

Often this process can be completed in less than a week, which will put even the most anxious minds at ease in very short order. By the time you start to accept that the video is no longer on the shelf, in all likelihood it will be back.

Why should I transfer my wedding video as soon as possible?

Since this is an older technology, your VHS may not be in the best of condition, and beyond its physical condition, every single play deteriorates the quality of the tape. Since VHS tapes are so old, you are highly unlikely to find someone who can properly repair your videotape. You will be able to tell when your old video has been relived too many times as the film will start to experience difficulties. Do not let your memories fade like an old photograph! By digitizing your wedding day you protect your memories from the scars of time. Do not let time and obsolete technology ruin the only video from the biggest day of your lives. By preserving the footage digitally, you guarantee that the video quality will be the same every time you watch your first dance and speeches every single time for the rest of your lives. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to how your wedding is preserved and we would be glad to help you.

If you would like your wedding vhs tapes converted to DVD and have any further questions, don't hesitate to send us an email and I will be happy to answer them all and put your mind at ease. 

Updated: September 2022

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