Choosing A Digital Storage Option

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There's a ton of different ways to store digital files these days. You're probably already familiar with the cloud, but now there's also blockchain and other exciting technologies. Whether you choose to store your files in the cloud, go old-school with disks or opt for a blockchain-based solution is up to you! 

With so many cloud storage services available, it can often be challenging to decide which one is right for you. Luckily, three solid options are bound to work out perfectly for anybody's needs.


Have you ever heard of DVDs? DVDs have been around for quite a long time since they were the in thing at their release. However, they've since been overtaken by more advanced versions like Blu-Rays, which are essentially better versions of DVDs.

Blu-ray technology has now been around for more than 10 years, making it one of the most mature forms of optical storage ever released. It is primarily used to store high-definition content, including full-length movies. The main benefit of blu-rays is their capacity to hold more data than traditional DVDs — storing up to 50 GB worth of information, with even higher densities available in some cases.


Even though blu-ray is vastly taking the place of DVDs, we have to remember that plenty of new technology has risen that don't include an optical disc drive, including computers that no longer come equipped with a DVD player. 

Digital download

Digital downloads are a great way to save money and space, especially if you're an avid movie watcher or audio listener. You don't have to worry about finding a DVD case or blank CDs — simply download what you want and enjoy immediately!

Going digital has made storing information simpler — there's no need to store your favourite movies on a shelf, saving physical space!


An online backup service is a great way to secure your memories in the event of a computer crash. It's also good for ensuring that you'll never lose access to important files like tax returns, vital documents, and other personal files.

Thumb drives

If you have a lot of photos, videos or music that you want to access on the go, then you need a thumb drive. The portable accessory allows your computer to read information from digital storage devices and flash drives quickly and easily. Thumb drives are typically small enough to fit on your keychain and you can even keep it in your wallet.

Flash drives are simple to use and very effective. Just plug it into your computer and you're ready to transfer data. It can also be used to store videos, photos, or any other files you need. 


Though they have their benefits, USB ports are slowly being evicted from computers. It might be time to use flash drives less.

So there you have it, each option has its own pros and cons that make the right choice unique to everybody deciding. The good news? You're not limited to only one option and can pick the device that best suits your needs. Each person's situation is unique, so I encourage you to consider your options and choose the solution best suited to you.

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