Transfer Polavision Film to Digital USB Stick

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Preserve your Polavision Film memories with our High-Quality Polavision Film to USB service. Our digital image capture system captures each frame in high definition. Unlike other transfer companies, we don't charge for:

  • All Polavision Film is cleaned prior to transfer, free of charge.
  • All broken Polavision Film is repaired prior to transfer, free of charge.
  • Old Film Projector sound can be added, free of charge.

Polavison was a short lived commercial failure for Polaroid, the Tapes suffered from Black Spots and very poor quality on playback, therefore please bear in mind the quality when converted is likely to be poor by todays standards, an interesting article on Polavison is here.

Please note that as we operate a digital image capture system, no sound, if present, can be transferred. 

Please note the price is PER POLAVISION CASSETTE to MP4 format and NOT how many USB Sticks are used, as the USB Stick is provided free with the conversions. All conversions will be stored on a single USB stick where possible. If you require additional USB Sticks, please contact us before ordering.

Please note the Polavision Transfer process involves the opening of the Tapes, therefore your Polavison Film will not be returned to you but the empty case will.


We take great care of your Polavision Film as we understand that your memories are irreplaceable. We aim for a turnaround time of 7 working days. If we cannot transfer your Polavision Film for any reason, they will be returned to you and you will be refunded.

Sending Your Polavision Film

    Please package your film and send it to the following address. We recommend doing so by recorded delivery. Please attach a reference to your order number so that we can identify your film easily.

    Your Video 2 DVD
    61 Toronto Avenue
    EH54 6BN