Transfer Camcorder, Mini DV, Hi8, VHS, VHS-C and Video 8 to Digital Download (MP4)

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Preserve your video memories with our High-Quality Mini DV, Hi8, VHS, VHS-C or Video 8 to digital download MP4 conversion service. Older tapes were never designed to see more than 20 years of usage. With each playback, image quality is degraded and analogue technology is growing in incompatibly with new DVD players and devices.

Once your video tape has been converted, we'll email you a download link. The download link will be valid for 7 days only. Please see the Delivery section for more information.

Please note the price of £12.99 is PER TAPE to digital download.


We will upload the conversion in its original form, uncompressed for the highest possible quality download.


Once we have received your tapes and converted your media, you will receive a download link by email. This email will be sent to the email address you enter at checkout.

You will have 7 days to download your conversion before it expires. We will send you a reminder email around 24 hours before your link expires. We recommend that you download your conversion in good time.

If you anticipate that you'll be unable to download your conversion(s) within the 7 day period, please let us know in advance of expiry so we can make appropriate arrangements. Your original tapes will be returned by post.

Sending Your Tapes

    Please package your tapes and send them to the following address. We recommend doing so by recorded delivery. Please attach a reference to your order number so that we can identify your tapes easily.

    Please make sure your tape DOES NOT have tape mould before sending.

    Your Video 2 DVD
    61 Toronto Avenue
    EH54 6BN
    United Kingdom

    Ordering By Post

    Alternatively, if you'd like to order and pay by post, please download, print our order form. Enclose your completed form with cheque or payment details to the address above.